Plumbing fun

I replaced the faucet in kids' bathroom today. Alyssa and Vivian are very helpful to get me tools and hold the flashlight for me. David had a lot of fun digging through my tool box. They all like the new one a lot, I picked a single handle faucet with a long handle so it is much easier for them to use. Ann took the chance to clean the sink out throughly so it is all new and shiny now. We all feel very good about this.

I am pretty amazed by how much I've changed over the years since we moved to the US and then owned a house. Back when we are back in Taiwan (and I was still a young kid), doing house repair was something that unimaginable in our family. I still remember when we bought the house a couple years ago I've this feeling of being a little boy and got an over-sized toy that I don't now how to deal with. Yet now I are comfortable with most of the repairs in the house (even having some fun with doing all these). Guess my parents will be surprised if they know about this.

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