Bioinformatics is REALLY hard

Saw this post on Bioinformatics Zen about it is hard to be a bioinformatician, mostly about the importance of self-discipline and self-confidence. I guess it's double hard to be a graduate student in bioinformatics because graduate students in general do not have a whole lot of self-confidence about what we are doing. We always have to ask if we are doing things right and if we are working on something that's important. And the worst of it is that we never get answers to these questions.

Anyway, I just presented the paper that I'm working on now (lineage-specific genes in Apicomplexa) in Daniel's lab meeting. Got a lot of useful comments on what I should do to refine it. I'm really glad that I finally started to write this up. I got a much better idea about what I'm doing when I need to write and talk to people.
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