Giraffes big and small

Today is our second day in Birmingham for our weekend vacation and we went to the Birmingham Zoo. They have a baby giraffe turned one this month and that was one of the main attractions. So we went for the giraffe feeding time and had a lot of fun in the zoo.

It turned out that the baby wasn't too interested in interacting with people but the mom is very eager to get some treats from the visitors. This is the first time that I've ever to be this close to a giraffe and the animal is stunningly beautiful. It is very interesting to see what it can do with its 18"-long tongue too.

Overall we enjoyed the zoo a lot, much more so than the bigger (and supposedly "better") Atlanta Zoo. On the way back Ann and I were talking about this and I feel that this has some connections to the Many Moons story. A couple years ago we are more focused on pursuing the "bigger and better". But our value and world view changed a lot in the recent years, possibly because of the kids and our change in life-style. Now we learned more about to appreciate and enjoy whatever small joys that we have. Maybe this is the secret to a great life.
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