Pinata is a big hit

After seeing the big kids at school cracked one open, Alyssa has been asking to get a pinata so that she can try too. I found this instruction on the web and was kind of surprised that it is very easy to make one at home (I hate those Styrofoam ones they are selling in supermarkets). So I told the girls that I can teach them to make their own pinata and they totally gone nuts.

It took a total of three days for us to finish. We made the shell on the first day and then waited overnight for it to dry. They had too much fun with that and just couldn't stop. So when I told them the shell is thick enough they started to put the newspaper on their legs.

The second day we put the decorative paper on the outside with glue and have to wait again. The third day we took the balloon out and the girls stuffed the pinata with some goodies from Japan.

Today is the fourth day and they couldn't wait to crack it open (they originally said they will wait until the weekend so they have a couple days to hang the pinata in their room).

We took the pinata out in the back yard and hang it on the tree.

Alyssa tried first but she still don't know how to control the bat, so I crack it for her. The view is quite spectacular when the pinata exploded, it was colored paper and chocolates everywhere. When I hanged Vivian's up David also wants to have a turn and I've to hold him up to try.

They all had a great time today after dinner and certainly enjoyed all the chocolates.
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