Colorful writing

Awhile ago I got a bottle of Noodler's Forest Green ink for my daily writing. While I am pretty happy with the color, it has some feathering and bleed-through problems when used with my Pelikan M800 on my notebook and I finally decided to get another green ink.

After being shocked by the shipping charge, I convinced myself that buying a single bottle would be silly and I ended up buying 4 different inks this time. I guess that another good thing about being a grownup, as buying more than one bottle of ink at a time is no longer an unimaginable luxury.

Today the inks arrived and I excitingly took out all my inks to run a test. At this point I have accumulated 11 different kinds of inks, including:

Alfred Dunhill: Blue
Mont Blanc: Royal Blue
Noodler's: Forest Green
Pelikan: Brilliant Green, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Brown, Black
Private Reserve: Lake Placid Blue
Rotring: Red
Waterman: Red

It's a beautiful view to see all these colors on a page. I am a little bit disappointed to find that Pelikan's Brilliant Green is a bit too bright for my taste. Fortunately the Turquoise and Brown turned out pretty well and I may switch to brown for now. The Lake Placid Blue from Private Reserve is another disappointment. It has the same problem with my experience with Noodler's; beautiful color but noticeable feathering and bleed-through used with Pelikan pens. Maybe I can load them in some other pens and give them another try, but then again I am really attached to my M800/M250 now.
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