Lost ring scare

I found my wedding ring was missing when I went to Life Sciences to attend a journal club this afternoon. Naturally this totally freaked me out as I've never lost something this important. A bunch of folks helped me to search the room after the meeting but we just couldn't find it. I was very sad and mad at myself on my way back to office. Fortunately, the minute I stepped into my office I saw the ring lying on the floor just next to my desk.

What happened this afternoon is a bit too much for me. I decided to take the ring off and ask Ann to keep it for me at least for a while.

NOTE TO MOM: While it might be a good idea to pick a size or two bigger than necessary when it comes to buy jackets for your son in high school, there really is NO need to do this when he is getting married and is looking for a ring. *Sigh*
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