Faculty chamber concert at UGA

I took Alyssa to attend her violin teacher's concert this evening and it was really enjoyable for the both of us. I am really surprised to find that Alyssa can have such a long attention span to listen to the whole program.

While listening to the beautiful music, a couple of thoughts crossed my mind. When I was growing up, classic music has some kind of "upper class" aura to it and I never thought that I'd learn to enjoy it. Seeing Alyssa doing so well in her Suzuki Violin Class somehow transformed my attitude toward this. Moreover, I started to have the temptation that I want to learn an instrument myself. Going to Short Road Home's concert at library a couple days ago really got my interest in violin peaked. It's funny that this evening's concert features a string quartet and a piano trio, and somehow all I can focus on was the sound from violin.

My temptation of learning violin is so strong that I am surprised by myself. I don't remember ever having such strong desire of learning something that's not "useful". Yet I am also scared of making the commitment to myself and jump right into it. I still worry about this may turn into a huge frustration and disappointment.
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