Happy Father's Day to myself

I read this post that explains why it is difficult to find a good Father's Day present. The root of the problem, as Miss Cellania puts it, is that most men just buy whatever they want whenever they want. So if there is something that your dad wants but couldn't afford it, you probably won't be able to afford it either.

I feel very embarrassed after reading this, it is so true. Of course, I also learned why it was so difficult to pick out a gift for my dad all these years.

Anyway, I think I'll trade my credit in for a GPS mount on my Ninja. Definitely will be handy when I go ride and explore this wonderful area.


Skeleton in the closet

Well, actually not exactly skeleton and not in the closet either, but it is quite close.

Two days after moving into our new house here, we found that the previous owner has left the cremains of their pet in the kitchen cabinet (while cleaning the cabinet in the middle of night!). Needless to say, it was not a pleasant surprise and we asked them to pick it up the next day. This got to be one of the weirdest thing one can find when moving into a new house.


We are in Tucson

After being on the road for 5 days, we finally made it to Tucson today.