My geeky pen

I am running the danger of revealing my geeky side with this one. Ever since I learned that the Sheaffer Snorkels are the most mechanically complex fountain pens ever made I know I have to add one to my collection. However, acquiring a vintage pen is never a straightforward process, even for a model that is as abundant as the Snorkels. There are some many variations in color, nib, condition, and price. It was very hard to know which is "The One".

Finally all the stars lined up last week and I got one from a fellow FPNer. This one, a black Statesman, is distinctly Sheaffer. Even before you touch the pen, the little white dot on the cap is an unmistakable clue that this is a Sheaffer pen. As soon as you uncap the pen, the conical Triumph nib made of the shiny PdAg alloy is the second Seaffer signature. And then, with a little twist of the blind cap, the funny little tube extends out of the feed and identifies itself as the most geeky pen ever.

The filling mechanism of this pen is quite fun to play with. The one I got has been recently restored and can be used as a water gun, which makes it even more fun. I am so happy with this new toy.
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