A ride up to the mountains!

Finally we are more-or-less settled into our new life here in Tucson. There are not a ton of pressing issues at home that I have to worry about on the weekends and I took the chance of the Labor Day to have a good ride up to the mountains.

The view along the Mt. Lemmon Hwy is really amazing, it is so good that I decided to forgo the thrill of attacking the winding road aggressively and just go slow to enjoy the view. I stopped at the roadside several times to take pictures, including the Babad Doag vista point. I feel so lucky that a such good route is only 20 minutes away from our home.

One funny thing is that I planned to use today's ride as the first test for the newly installed GPS mount on my bike. Much to my surprise, the route was not in the database so I actually went off the map today. This somehow gave me a strange feeling of accomplishment.
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