Idiotic racers in a truck

Two guys in a truck yelled at me on my way home today, first time when they passed me on the road and second time when I passed them after they parked on their driveway. It was fast and loud so I can't quite understand what they were trying to say, but it sounds like something along the line of "We are awesome and you suck because we can drive faster in a truck than you can go on a bike". Pure idiots.

On a side note, the new tires I put on yesterday held up well to some unplanned tests. They are quite rigid compared to the stock tires so the ride wasn't as comfortable. The funny thing is that just seconds after I had this thought, I was forced to ride through two piles of broken glasses that spread across the entire bike lane. Maybe I am being superstitious, but it seemed like the tires want to convince me that puncture resistance is far more important than supple rides. You won, I am sold.
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