Out of the sight, but not out of the mind

My mom had a minor stroke last week. Fortunately this happened when she was visiting my brother in Taipei so he was able to take her to the hospital at the first sign of trouble. It was really scary because if this has happened when she is in Tainan all by herself, who knows how bad it can get? I hate to think about it but there is no denying that mom is only getting older and having her lives alone is becoming more and more worrisome.

After staying in the hospital for several days, she is recovering quite well, although the doctors couldn't find any abnormality in all the tests and can't really provide us with any explanation of how this happened or any specific suggestion about how to prevent it from happening again. So now mom is out of the hospital and my brother is driving her back to Tainan. I tried to call them everyday since I heard about this and try to stay up-to-date about the situation, but honestly, there wasn't anything that I can do from here. It is very frustrating, and reminded me a lot about my father's passing.

Oh, and to add to my frustration, my mom's first words to me last week were "Why did your brother have to tell you about this? It was nothing!". Yeah, right. Just like the incidence that I have to know about my father's skin cancer surgery through my mother-in-law when she asked me how my father is doing, months after he had the surgery.

Maybe they are trying not to worry me and all, but I really don't like this. I also feel very bad about leaving all the responsibilities of taking care of our parents to my brother.
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