Vitamin supplement

Exactly what I need to improve my health:

A new and shiny KHS Vitamin D road bike!


Teaching Genetics

If you ask me which course influenced me the most during my college years, the answer would have to be Genetics. After all, I went on to get my MS and PhD in Genetics and my current job classification can be broadly defined as a geneticist. For this reason, I got this funny feeling when I was invited to give two guest lectures in the Genetics course at my old department. Was it a sense of pride? Maybe. Can I give those kids some inspiration as I got before? I certainly hope so!

I finished the first lecture today and felt exhausted afterwards. Lecturing for three hours on genome mapping and sequencing certainly is not something that one does for fun on a daily basis. I just hope that at least some kids got something useful out of it. Guess I will know in a couple of weeks after the mid-term...

On a side note, I found students with their laptops a bit distracting as an instructor. Are they so happy because I gave a good lecture? Or they found something funny on Youtube? I don't really know.


Keelung River after dark

Follow the signs:

Fun begins here:

The long road ahead:

Taipei 101:

Free light shows every night:

Quiet bike rental station:

Empty boat:

A small temple beside the bike path:

The Miramar Ferris Wheel, looks like a giant firework in the night sky:

A big and impressive bridge:

A small and charming wooden bridge:

A sleepy dragon:


Family ride, then and now

Amazing how much has changed in 4 years. When we lived in Athens, our "family ride" involves 2 bikes + 3 child seats:

Apparently the bike seats we got were pretty good, see how David loves them all:

Fast forward to 2011, now it take 10 wheels to get all 5 of us on the road:

The little dude made it to the 5.5k mark this time:

The girls got a bit further with me:

Oh, and this is what happened on our way to dinner:



Rode 40 km along the river in under 2 hours this evening. The weather was a bit windy (18 km/h) but that didn't bother me too much. The last time I rode this far in one go was about 20 years ago (before I have a motorcycle). Very happy that I am gradually getting back in shape.

Spring time at NTU

One of the best things about moving back to Taiwan is that Ann and I get to visit NTU's main campus whenever we want. The place is full of our sweet memories, not to mention how beautiful it is in spring.


Little mechanics on the job

A bunch of hard(?) working little dudes and their bikes.