Picnic at WOW playground

We had a picnic at WOW play ground this evening.


Alyssa's solo recital

Today is Alyssa first solo recital for the violin class that she is taking. She did very well but I forgot to tell her about the concept of rehearsal. Alyssa happens to be the first one in the program, so when the recital started and I was in a hurry to push her up to the stage she got really confused. She keeps asking me "why do I have to play twice?" after she's done. She did much better in the rehearsal than in the formal performance.


A tragic loss

The birds that live in our front porch lost one of their hatchlings this morning. I found the little bird dead on the ground at lunch time. It probably fall out of the nest and die from the impact. We are very sad about this and buried the bird in our front yard.


New windshield for my Ninja 250

Got the new windshield from Mike Mims for my Ninja 250.


David's walker

David tried out the walker for the first time today. He was so proud of himself to be able to "walk" around and be with his sisters.


First encounter with the new hatchlings this year

Every spring a bird comes to our house and build a nest on top of the motion detector that controls our porch lights. We guess it is the same bird every year but there is no way to know for sure. Today is the first time I see the new hatchlings this year. There were four of them last year and I counted two today.

Elder's Mill Covered Bridge

I rode to the Elder's Mill covered bridge in Watkinsville this afternoon.


A ride to Commerce

The road work on 441 is almost done and now it is enjoyable to ride to Commerce. The weather was nice today, sunny and NO WIND! Even the stock windshield worked really well. Finally got a chance to take the new tank bag out for a ride. The bag held up pretty well, the magnetic mount was more secure than I've expected.


Dissertation Award

Got the offical letter from the Graduate School today. I got the Dissertation Completion Assistanship Award for the next year, which was really exciting. Things seemed to be going very well recently.

Richard's talk at UGA

Richard gave his talk on protein structures at UGA Chemistry today. The talk was interesting and easy enough for me to understand. Too bad that kids were not there, they should be very excited if they can see their uncle in action.


New tank bag for my motorcycle

Today I got a Marsee 25L tank bag for my Ninja 250. The bag is a little bit smaller than what I've expected, and is just the right size for my need. The material/construction all look very good. Can't wait to take it out for a ride!


Alyssa's violin recital

Today is Alyssa's first violin recital. She did a great job and made us really proud of her.


Richard is here

Richard came from Buffalo, NY to visit us today. We went to Atlanta China Town for lunch and stopped by Stone Mountain Park on the way back. All three kids (and the dog too) are pretty excited to have their uncle here.


David's 9-month checkup

David had his 9 month-old checkup today. He is big (22lb 2oz at 75 percentile) and tall (30 inches at 90 percentile).


Letter from the President

The President of University, of Georgia. This joke is from Chris Rock's "Head of States". In the movie he starts as an alderman in Washington DC. When he was asked to be the candidate of his party to run for the President, he couldn't believe it's true and kept asking "of what?" and got "The President, of the United States, of America".

Anyway, I got a letter from President Adams today for congratulating the James L. Carmon Honorarium that I received. It was a nice surprise.