Research Award Banquet

I was invited to the Research Award Banquet for the James L. Carmon Honorarium that I received last fall. Being one of the only two graduate students there, it was intimidating at first. Fortunately it turned out to be a rather enjoyable event. I sat next to Dr. Virginia Nazarea from the Department of Anthropology. Her work on ethnoecology and biodiversity was very interesting and we had a very good talk. I mentioned John Wares and Barbara Schaal (at Washington University) to
her as potential collaborators for her work.


Watson Mill State Park

We went to the Watson Mill State Park in Comer, GA. The covered bridge there is the longest one in Georgia. Ann took the kids in our minivan and I got a chance to ride my Ninja 250 there. The weather was really nice and I met a lot of riders on the road, it was really enjoyable. Kids got to play in the river for a little bit and they really like that. Maybe we'll come back sometime.


Stone Mountain Park

We went to Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta today, The Stone Mountain is the world's largest exposed piece of granite and is the 3rd largest monolith in the world. It is really impressive, wikipedia has a very nice entry about it. I found it really odd that the park put so much emphasis on their theme park activities while at the same ignore the fact that it is really a wonder of nature. Maybe it's just because that's where the money is.


Zoo Atlanta

We went to Zoo Atlanta today.


Alyssa's 5 year-old birthday party

We had Alyssa's 5 year-old birthday at World of Wonder (WOW) playground.