True Writer mania

Four new Levenger True Writers arrived today: Carnaval, Fiery Amber, Kyoto, and Starry Night. All are stunningly beautiful.


The calvary has arrived

Ann's parents arrived today. Kids are thrilled to see their grandparents and have been spoiled rotten in the short 30 minutes since we arrived home.

It is about time that Ann and I take a break. Hooray!


Bee emergency

I saw a bee flying toward me while I was on my bike this afternoon, and the next thing I know, it was caught between my ear cover and left ear, buzzing like crazy. To make the matter even worse, I was about to cross a major intersection at that time, with cars less than 3 feet away on my both sides (there's a right-turn lane to the right of the bike lane). It probably took me less than 3 seconds to flip up my ear cover and get the bee out but it felt like forever. Fortunately the bee and I both survived the incident without any injury. It was a quite scary experience.


Off to a good start

The two pens that I ordered in the end of last year both arrived today. Not sure if I should count them as my 2008 pens or 2009 pens. Anyway, I am thrilled to have a good start on the pen front.

The first one, a Namiki/Pilot Falcon, is simply amazing to write with. I don't feel comfortable flexing the soft nib, but the springy feeling really makes it a wonderful writer.

The second one, a Levenger True Writer Fireball, is a pen/ink combo. I was a bit surprised to see that the color is such a bright orange-red (I was expecting a fiery red). Looks like this can work as a good highlighting ink.

While playing with these new pens are a lot of fun, updating the wish list is even better. Some of the pens that caught my fancy at the moment are:

  • Aurora 88 (vintage)

  • Edison Pearl

  • Laban Mento (no sure which color yet)

  • Lamy 27

  • Lamy ABC

  • Lamy Safari (one can always use a couple more of these)

  • Levenger True Writer Kyoto/Fiery Amber/Sea Glass/Starry Night/Water Lilies/Carnaval

  • Libelle Autumn Leaf

  • Parker 45

  • Parker 51

  • Parker 75

  • Pilot Custom 823

  • Pilot Myu 90


Story time with David

Following the footsteps of his sisters, David is becoming a good story teller at an early age.

Balto the brave sled dog by Vivian at age 2:

David's PJ story time:


One more good reason to buy pens

Reading a thread on FPN about pens that stay in the family makes me really wish that I had a pen from my dad or my grandparents. While I did get a nice watch that belonged to dad, it is too precious for me to wear. If I could have some pens from my dad/grandparents, I can ink them up and put them on my desk. That way I can feel warm inside whenever I sit down to write and never have to worry about losing or damaging an irreplaceable treasure.

Well, at least I am doing what I can to make sure that my kids won't have similar regret. Hey, I do have 3 kids you know. :)