Fountain pens gone wild

Basically the title said it all about what happened to my fountain pen/ink collection this year.

It all started with a lovely Japanese movie that I watched on a trans-pacific flight back from Taiwan, Closed Note. I love the story and the pens that featured in the movie. Watching this movie re-ignited my craze about fountain pens.

Pretty soon I discovered the FPN. And with that, all hell breaks lose. New pens and ink keep coming in from all sources (including a "mile-stone" pen to celebrate my PhD, a Bexley Americana in Rio Grande Red). I even get a chance to attend my first pen show (in Atlanta).

My newest acquisition at the year's end, a Levenger True Writer Demonstrator (with a bottle of matching "Slightly Wild" Fireball ink), aptly concludes this wonderful year. Really look forward to a "bountiful" 2009. :)
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