Searching for a wiki software

"Wikis, wikis in the world, who is the fairest among y'all?" -- chkuo

Looking for a wiki software to set up a site for managing my bioinformatic protocols and totally puzzled by the amazing array of possible choices. So far Dokuwiki seems to be great for my need, but then MoinMoin looks pretty good too. The problem is that I don't want to spend too much time and energy on trying them all out. What to do, what to do...


Serious backlog

The stress of writing at work is a bit of overwhelming now, which makes me unable to bring myself to spend time on blogging in my precious evening time (hey, it's supposed to be fun). At the last count, there are 93 half-baked blog entires on my list. How depressing. I need a vacation, seriously.


What do you do?

A poem by Alyssa:

What do you do if it's a red light?
You stop.
What do you do if it's a green light?
You go.
What do you do if it's a blue light with purple stripes and lavender polka dots?


A sleep-walking dog of our own

Although there's no shortage of funny videos about sleep-walking dogs on YouTube, nothing beats seeing one in action in front of your own eyes. Too bad that our funny dog always wakes up the moment we decide to get the camera.