Hitting another gold mine

I guess it all started from my trip back to Taiwan in January to attend dad's funeral. Taking a break my busy work schedule, I suddenly had tons of time (and the appropriate mind set) to reflect on many things. Then on the trans-Pacific flight back home, I watched a very interesting movie, Closed Note, which revitalized my love for fountain pens.

While wondering on the web, I stumbled upon the Fountain Pen Network. Initially I was only reading the posts that are related to pens and ink, then I discovered that the true good stuffs are what people are doing with their pens. It's like when you have a good hammer you'd be looking for nails. The stories about how people keep journals, exchange postcards, arrange travel journals, etc, are really fascinating.

In addition to the Ninja 250 club, I guess this is another place where I'd love to hang out.
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