Absurd fund-raising call

I've never said something bad about the schools which I graduate from before (or at least haven't done so in public), but I guess everything has its first time.

Ann got a really absurd fund-raising call from the College of Design at Iowa State University today. To begin with, I don't think it is appropriate to set a "minimum donation" of $500. I thought the way donation works is you go out and ask people how much they are WILLING to give you, NOT to ask people for a minimum amount of money they HAVE to give you. When Ann told them that we cannot afford to give out that much money (considering that our parents are stilling paying for a part of our living expenses), they said we can do this in "five easy payments". This is way too ridiculous, what do they think they are doing? Some TV shopping network selling vacuum cleaners? Why not ask for $499.99 (plus $4.99 for shipping and handling of the acknowledge card)?

Ann was too polite to just hang up the phone or say something that's not so nice and the phone call lasted a good while. They said that they will call back again soon to see if Ann will change her mind. I look forward to getting that call. Usually I try to be nice to everyone but sometime I do want to take it out with someone who deserves it.
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