KawiDavis Memorial Ride

As a part of the KawiDavis Memorial Ride, I rode to Toccoa, GA to meet up with Hugh (LDBandit) and then went for a short ride around the area. This is my first time to meet Hugh and he is a real great guy. I think I learned a lot just by watching/following him through all the good roads up there. He was very patient with me and did a great job to inform me about the road. There was a patch of gravel spill that could have got me if he didn't point that out for me (Hugh: sorry I forgot to thank you about this earlier). Anyway, I had a great time today and look forward to go for another nice ride like this soon.

On my way to Toccoa I thought a lot about Allen (KawiDavis), how we share this same passion for the freedom of being on a bike, how grateful I am for the good life that I'm having, and what I really wanted to achieve in my life. The tragedy that happened to Allen served as a good reminder for us how fragile life really is and no one should take anything for granted. It is very good for me to take this opportunity for a reflection. Well, I guess just like they said, riding a motorcycle is a form of meditation.

That's my ride for you Allen, Happy Birthday!

Cheers, CH
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