David turned one

David turned one today! We no longer have any "baby" baby in the house now.

He can crawl very well, likes to stand up by himself and climb the chair/bench/bed/whatever things that can take him higher. He can say quite a few words now (mommy/daddy/sisters/Nina/various foods and toys). The toys he liked the most are balls and cars. I guess it is really true that boys and girls are inherently different. We didn't encourage him to play some toys more than others. Most of the toys he had are what Alyssa and Vivian had before and yet he clearly has different preferences from his sisters.

Ann took the kids to the beach at Sandy Creek Park this morning and they had a lot of fun. This is the first time for David to play at the beach and he is thrilled. We have a sand table in the screened porch at home but that was a bit too high for David. He can stand next to the table and keep throwing the sand out onto the ground but didn't quite understand how to have fun with sand. Now that he had a taste of how fun it is to play at the beach we probably should go there more often.

We got a toy ATV made by Playmobil from Homeplace yesterday as his birthday present. He seems to like it a lot.

toy ATV
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