A forgetful zoo keeper

Vivian has a great love of all her stuffed animals. Every night before going to bed, she will carefully arrange her huge collection of animals on the bed I made for her. We often joking call her a zoo keeper and her bed "The Zoo". Unfortunately, she is only good at remembering which animals she has but not where she had put them during the day, so I always have to hunt for the animals before kiss her goodnight.

Naturally, when we are planning an over-night trip to Alabama this week she asked to bring a couple of her stuffed animals with us. Although we know the headache involved in hunting stuffed animals in unimaginable places, we approved her request in the hope that this trip will be easier for her.

Not surprisingly, one of the animals eventually gone MIA. Just after we checked out of the hotel this morning and everyone is buckled up ready to go, Vivian sadly announced that her little pink puddle ("Babw") is missing. And of course, she didn't remember where she put it or when did that happen. Fortunate, Alyssa is very good at noticing things that no one else would and remembering every tiny event. She quickly told us that she saw Vivian hiding Babw under the pillow when I asked them into the bathroom to brush their teeth. Knowing that the house keeping was waiting for us when we left the room, I quickly ran upstairs for a rescue mission. Luckily they were just about to finish the cleaning and didn't throw out Babw. The cleaning ladies all had a big laugh when they hear the whole story of a traveling zoo keeper. They all said it's amazing that a 3-year old can remember to ask for her little pink puddle, but I think the truly amazing girl here is Alyssa.
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