If there's only 24 hours left

I had a strange dream last night, in which I was dead at the beginning and then was sent back to life and told that I only have 24 hours for this "second chance". This of course makes me think very hard about what I really wanted to do with these 24 hours. Pretty soon I came to the conclusion that I just want to hang out with Ann and the kids but have no specific things that I wanted to do. So we just have some fun together, not sure what we did exactly but something like a walk in a park and some play time at a playground. The 24 hours were up in the end of my dream. I have a very sad feeling about that I've to leave my family when I woke up. But as I think more about this, I find that I should be pretty happy. Basically I am very satisfied with my current life and there really isn't something that I feel "I've to do this before I die". The only thing that comes close to this criterion but not really in my control is that I'd want to spend some time with my grandchildren, hopefully from all my three kids.

I guess I am thinking about these things unconsciously because the recent passing of Ann's grandpa, and this resulted in this dream. It also reminded me a Japanese movie that I watched last year, 黄泉がえり (Yomigaeri) . The story line is that hundreds of people are brought back to life in a small town. These people just appeared out of no where in the state when they died. They were given this second chance by a mysterious force from a meteor and know that they would disappear again in a couple days. The movie follows the story of several people (all somewhat related in the end of course) and they all went back to their family and friends to spend time with their loved ones. It may not be a "great" movie in terms of production or other criteria people often use to judge a movie but I do enjoy it a lot.
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