Many moons

"Many moons" is an very interesting children's book that I read today. In the story a king promised to get the moon for his daughter, so he called all the wise men in the kingdom to help him with this quest. However, everyone told the king that it is possible and argued how far away the moon is and what is the moon made of. Of course, the king got very confused and mad. Finally it is the jester that suggested the king to ask the princess and see what the moon really is in her mind.

The princess replied that the moon is a tiny golden disc that is smaller than her thumbnail and hangs just a little bit higher than the tree top. So in the end this seemingly impossible quest was easily solved by the jester to climb up on the tree outside of princess's window and pretended that he got the golden disc made by the royal goldsmith from the tree top.

The moral of the story? I guess sometimes it really doesn't matter what the "truth" is, because everyone has their own reality. This is true with kids, and true with grown-ups too.
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