Pow Wow at Fort Yargo State Park

This morning we went to the Fort Yargo State Park to see their 2nd annual Intertribal Pow Wow. It is a very interesting event, although we only get to see one dance and a couple songs. We got there early in the morning and found out that they plan to start the main program after lunch, possibly because there are few people there on Sunday morning. The upside of this is that it is very comfortable and low-stress to just walk around, see the booths, and talk the the people there. This is my first time to see so many Native Americans and actually talk to them. All the people we met are extremely friendly. I'm surprised to find out that Native Americans are very soft-spoken, this is totally different from the "tough warrior" type that we usually see in movies.

Alyssa and Vivian both get a buffalo tooth that later Ann made a necklace for them. They are very happy about getting this and had a lot of fun brushing it using their old toothbrush. After seeing the performance we took a short walk in the park and had a very good visit there.
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