Treasure box by mail

Every once in a while Ann's uncle will send us a big box full of goodies from Japan. Those Japanese snacks are amazingly good everytime.

We got another big box this week (11.5 kg!). Kids are thrilled when I opened the box and we had a great snack party after lunch.

It is funny to see some little personality differences through some very small things. Alyssa would look through all choices before making a decision (about which ones she's going to pick and which one she'll have first). This is just like me. It can take me a very long time to make a decision about buying anything. I just have to make sure that I've made "the best" decision at all times.
On the other hand, Vivian is just like Ann that she can make some very quick decisions and be happy with whatever decisions they made afterwards. I don't think that we've ever concisely taught them about these decision making business and yet they just turned out to be like us. Parenting can be a good mirror and sure is full of surprises.
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