Two little (and one old) upholsterers

Alyssa and Vivian helped me to replace the cover of Nina's bed.

Two years ago when we first got Nina I made a bed for her. It was a very simple design that composed of a piece of carpet stapled to a wooden frame made from 2x4s. She loves it a lot but always makes it very dirty (how surprising!). Over the years I replaced the carpet part a couple times but it has been a while since the last time I did that. So I had a very simple solution to deal with the problem, just keep the bed in our screened porch. Out of sight, out of mind.

Now that Nina is spending a lot of time in the house I think it maybe worth to move the bed back in the house. Alyssa and Vivian are both eager to help with the task so I made this a collaborative project after dinner today. I'm very surprised to find that Alyssa has gotten very well with the tools that she can help me remove the old carpet all by herself. I have Vivian helped me to staple a piece of fabric that left over from Ann's curtain project. Nina is not quite sure about this change in material but I hope she will learn to like it.
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