A bad day

Today is a bad day for us.

First we went to the dentist's office and found out all our appointments were canceled by mistake and we'll have to reschedule again. Being so busy recently, I don't remember what my schedule will be and have to call them when I get back to my computer. Who knows when we can find a time to squeeze in again?

Then Ann went to pick up David's prescription and couldn't get it. The pharmacy has the prescription ready for us, just as they promised. However, because the insurance company's computer was down, they can't give it to us unless we are willing to pay it in full by ourself. I almost choked when I hear that some skin cream for rash would cost $37, which is totally ridiculous. So Ann came home empty-handed and we will need to make a trip tomorrow after the insurance company fixes their computer.

After we all got home, we received the new passport for Alyssa. Originally we were happy that something finally went right today. We paid an arm and a leg to have the passport expedited, worrying that we might not get it in time for our trip back to Taiwan. The passport came earlier than they promised, but the date of birth on it was WRONG! I ended up have to call the passport service, figure out that we have to fill out another form, send it back again, and pray it will come back in time.

The day was so bad that we decided to stay home after dinner and skip our evening walk. Then we hear from Ann's mom that one of the construction workers fell down from the second floor of their new home. Oh what a day!
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