Grocery shopping spree

We have to prepare snacks for Alyssa and Vivian's class at school next week, and that means feeding 51 kids + 4 teachers every morning, which is a quite daunting task for us. So this Saturday we went to the Buford Highway Farmers' Market in Atlanta to get all the fruits we need. The shopping carts there is at least twice as big as the regular ones in Walmart. When we were there in the past we always used less than half of the space and this is the first time we think that we might need two carts. Anyway we manage to stuff everything into one cart and it was really an amazing view.

This morning we went to the local Walmart to get the rest of things we need (crackers, cheese, etc) and it's the same thing all over again. Not that they are paying attention to what we buy but I was really curious about what the cashier was thinking when she saw us with three little kids and a shopping cart full of snacks.
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