Monster brooms

We took the kids to the local Barnes and Nobles almost every Saturday for their story time. They always have a craft session and some yummy milk shakes (from the Starbucks in the store) after the story session. Sometimes they even have one of the staff in costume of the characters from the story, so the kids really enjoy this weekly event.

This week's story is about a boy who uses a broom to fight off a monster in his house, and the story teller leads the kids to make a broom out of cardboard papers and straws. All three kids love this new craft (I made one for David too). After we get home Alyssa and Vivian used their "monster broom" to scare off the squirrels in our yard whenever they come down to steal from the bird feeder. They even took the brooms on our evening walk in our community and keeps beating up some imaginary monsters all along the way.

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