My squeaky little mouse

Vivian has an imaginary friend that is a little mouse who lives in her tummy. This little mouse is very useful for our communication because Vivian can tell us what she thinks about things that she didn't want to talk about directly (the little mouse thinks...). So Ann and I are all good friends to this little mouse and sometimes we'd call her a little mouse too.

This afternoon when we were driving back from Atlanta we were hoping that David can take a nap on the way home. However, Vivian was too excited about all the things we get for them from the supermarket she just couldn't calm down and that makes it difficult for David to fall asleep. When Ann and I finally got her to calm down and stop talking, an amazing thing just happened: she starts to have hiccups!

We really don't know what to say to her (how can you blame a kid for hiccup and ask her to stop?), fortunately David had no problem with that and just fell asleep.

Although she is already 3 and 1/2 years old, Vivian never cease to amaze me. She just has gazillions of ways to be cute that I can't even imagine what'd be the next.
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