It sucks to be old

Even when you are only a bit over 30. Because when compared to a 3 year-old, you are very very very old.

Yesterday I was playing with Alyssa and Vivian and fell down while running. I have seen this happened to them countless times now, and all they have to do is stand up, brush the dirt off, and maybe cry for a minute or two, then they are good to go again. But for me, I sustained a bad knee injury, serious scrapes on palms/fingers/knees/left shoulder, and couldn't stand up for about 5 mins. Granted, I ran much faster and weigh much more than the girls, but this still sucks.

It's been more than 24 hours now and I still can't walk. My right knee is all swollen and hurts pretty bad. Ann said this is my worst injury for the past 13+ years, and I can't remember being hurt this bad before either. All these for a silly running game, *sigh*.
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