The tech-savvy generation

After seeing me talking with Ann on the phone last week, Alyssa asked when will she have her own phone. She said that she will need her own phone to call her friends, and to counter my point that she actually sees her friends at school everyday, she pointed out that she hasn't talked to Gregory (one of her best friends) for a very long time now since he moved to another school.

So I told her that none of her friends have their own phone, and in fact, she will have to call their home phone even if she can get one of her own. Given this situation, why doesn't she use our home phone to call her friends at home?

She was extremely excited about the idea and today I even got a chance to teach her how to look up the number using the phone book. So she called Gregory and had a very silly conversation with him. Vivian got a turn too and I have no idea what they were talking about. Alyssa was having so much fun with this and insisted that she had to call Ella too, just so that "she knows that I called Gregory". And again, they all had uncontrollable silly laughs.

Watch all these happening, David grab the other phone from Ann's hand and had the most "serious" ever conversation with his grandma.

I wonder when they will start to use emails.
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