Good things come in pairs

Ann told me to pick something that is motorcycle-related for my Christmas and here's what I got:

  • Oxtar Matrix 2 Gore-Tex Boots

  • Sidi Coolmax Monza Socks

  • FirstGear Mesh Sport Gloves

Initially I couldn't decide between Oxtar Matrix 2 and TCS Evo RX Boots, since the Oxtar will be better for my commute and the TCX will be better for weekend fun rides. Ann was really nice and told me to get both (the price on newenough.com was really good). In the end I figured that's too much and decided to go with the Oxtar.

The new boots are very comfortable and look really nice. They arrived just in time to replace my old ones (Tour Master Response, worn out after about a year of daily use). Hopefully this new pair will last longer.
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