Another sign of getting old

One nice thing about staying in Taiwan is that I get to have a cup of nice bubble tea everyday. It is really amazing that these drinks are so popular in Tainan. Just within the two-minute walking distance from our home, there are at least 10 different tea shops for us to choose from. So everyday after lunch, I would stop by one of them and get a drink to fight off my jet lag.

Today while waiting for our order, the guy at the counter was eager to introduce their new specialties to us. To which Gatien replied that he has been ordering the same thing (green tea, 3/10 sugar, no ice) since he was in high school and really not interested in making any change to that. Come to think about that, I am doing the same thing too (almost always green tea with preserved plum and tapioca, 3/10 sugar, 3/10 ice). Gatien said that I am showing the sign of getting old too. So now in addition to not knowing most of the pop stars when buying CDs, I also have this "afraid of change" going against me.
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