The joy of handwriting

Actually I really hated handwriting when I grow up. My handwriting is pretty bad and that has always been a big issue with my self-image. The main problem was that I always write really fast. Part of this is because I am so busy-minded and my hand can hardly keep up with my brain. Another problem, which probably is the root of this, is my miserable childhood experience.

I had one of those "famous" teachers when I was in elementary school. As young as in 3rd grade, we have our "morning test" at 7AM. The school ends at 4PM (or 5PM?), but we have to stay for another hour after that for "enhanced studies". After we get home, there's another 4-5 hours worth of homework waiting EVERY SINGLE DAY. Needless to say, writing speed is essential for survival under such pressure and bad handwriting becomes inevitable.

Later in my life I found that I have this complex love/hate feelings toward the need for handwriting. I found myself more creative and being able to better organize my thoughts when I am working with my beloved fountain pens on paper (no distraction from computer and internet). However, after I am done and going back to read my own writing I always feel some embarrassments and resentments.

Recently I have rediscovered the fun of handwriting after I picked up a copy of "Write Now" from Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay (ISBN: 0-87678-089-3). I still have a VERY long way to go to learn italics but I am pretty sure that I will enjoy this journey.
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