My first fountain pen

Browsing through Nakaya's website reminded me of my first fountain pen from Platinum. It was an ordinary blue metal pen with a steel nib (possibly a Platinum Standard). I probably got it when I was 12. Not sure how much it costs exactly but I am pretty sure that it was more than my monthly allowance and I have to save for quite a while to get it.

That was the start of my love for fountain pens. I really enjoyed using the pen for everything and completely wear out the tip. When I went to college, the tip of the nib is sharp enough to cut through a piece of paper with one stroke. I finally gave up and bought a Cross Townsend (Medalist) as the replacement. I still have the Platinum with me and I enjoy taking it once in a while.

So I guess that's the good and bad with being young and poor (not that I am rich now, but I am certainly becoming older). You only get to have so little but yet you can enjoy everything so much. Given the number of pens that I have and the amount of handwriting I get to do now, I really don't think I can wear out another pen for the rest of my life.
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