We are not sharing anymore

The road crew in town are working on replacing road signs recently. So far they have only put in the new signs but haven't remove the old ones yet, so there are double signs everywhere and is kind of an interesting view. Curiously there are some signs that didn't get replaced, and those are all "Share the road" signs that are used to remind drivers about cyclists have their right of way too. What's even worse is that there are some graffiti on one of the signs that covered the bicycle on the sign.

This seems to be consistent with my experience that Athens is not really as bike friendly as the city officials like to say, and there are some weird people here who do go out of their way to harass cyclists on road.

To be fair, most people here are pretty nice to cyclists. But encountering one of the bastards when you are on a bike is enough to ruin a nice day (assuming that you can survive the encounter).
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