A post on the Pear Tree Pens blog about fountain pen acquisition disorder (FPAD) reminded me that I had a similar experience in the year after I graduated from college. At that time I have a "semi-real" job as a full-time research assistant. The pay wasn't great, but for the first time in my life I have enough play money to buy (almost) everything that I want. I happen to be bitten by the antique fountain pen bug at that time and ended up buying a whole box (along with a display box of course) of antique pens on penbid.com. That is a very sweet memory of mine and I still enjoy playing with my collection every now and then.

Incidentally, Omas Arco Milord happened to be my dream pen (at least for now). Celluloid is my favorite material for fountain pens. So far the most beautiful pen I have ever seen is a Wahl-Eversharp Doric in my collection. It has several shades of gray that form a feather like pattern. I have never seen the Omas Arco in person but it sure looks great in the photos that I can find on the web. The wood-like pattern of its celluloid also fits in nicely with my love for solid wood and my passion for woodworking. Alas, the price is too steep for me now so it will remain as a "dream pen" at least for some more time. Maybe this is a good thing, if it is as beautiful as I have expected then getting it would create a dilemma for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable to carry it with me everywhere I go, but leaving it at home would be a pity too.
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