I'm done!

Well, actually not quite but almost.

I had the final defense today and it went really well. There are some more paperwork that need to be taken care of and some corrections that I need to make in my dissertation. Nonetheless, I managed to convince all 6 people on my committee to sign the forms for me. Pretty soon I'll get my degree and I couldn't be happier.

After my defense we went to our local Olive Garden and had a very nice dinner. All three kids ate very well, which made Ann and I very happy.

Looking back, it's kind of amazing that how long it took for me to get here (mom did make the comment that I've been away for so many years when I called her this evening). All these reminded me of a joke from Austin Powers. When a therapist addressed Dr. Evil as "Mr. Evil", he got very mad and screamed "I didn't spend all those frigging years in medical school to be called a Mr.". While I don't want to be addressed as "Dr. Kuo", I can relate to that.
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