Interviews from the other end of the table

As we are preparing to move out of Athens, we are hiring an agent to help us to sell our house. Interviewing agents is a new and very interesting process. This is the first time I sit at the other end of the table during an interview. For the most part, I used to be the one who is being interviewed, or at best, I am the one who sit at the side and give the boss my comments afterwards. However, I AM THE ONE WHO IS CALLING THE SHOTS this time. This is really amazing. Not only that, when I think more about it, I probably won't be interviewed for too many times from now on. After I get a "real" job as a PI, I probably will have plenty of opportunities interviewing other people. The thought is kind of scary.

People always say that teenage years can be confusing. From my point of view, 30s are equally (if not more) confusing. At this stage, many people are getting married and having kids at home and possibly are promoted to a higher position at work. All these transitions in the roles one plays can be satisfying and yet terrifying at the same time.
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