I was (almost) wanted

Fortunately this turned out to be a funny story and I can joke about it here.

Last Friday mom got a notice from the local police department. They said that I was listed as a suspect in a burglary case. Needless to say mom was totally freaked out because they also said that if I don't report to the local PD in a week they are going to put me on the wanted list. Initially I thought that this is probably just a problem in they finger-printing process. After all, I am about 8k miles from Taiwan.

Mom tried to call the PD to straighten things out but couldn't find the officer who was handling the case. After a weekend's worth of agony (on mom's part), mom finally got in touch with the officer and found something I thought was pretty interesting.

As it turned out, the finger print they got was indeed mine!

The burglary took place in the human resource department in dad's school. I was there to sign some documents after dad's funeral, which was about 4 weeks before the burglary. With my travel record, my name was immediately cleared. I am pretty amazed that they can collect and id a finger print on an envelope after such a long period of time. Isn't forensic science fascinating?

Mom also made an interesting comment about we are very lucky that they got me and not my brother, otherwise he'll have much more trouble in store for him.
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