GPS mount

Using my gift credit for the Father's Day, I got a GPS mount for my little Ninja. The detailed installation info is on my web site here. In the near future, I hope that I can just go and enjoy the ride without thinking where I am going pr how I am going to get back. That would be so NOT me and should be fun.


Bioinformatics Career Survey

Just helping to spread the words here (via Bioinformatics Zen).

*Edited to removed the survey on 08/04/2008*
View the preliminary results here


Nap at 5

蛋;還沒, 我才四歲.


Blog backlog

Blogging really is a good way for self-reflection, and it goes beyond what was written too. Writing my blog has taught me one thing that I always know (but want to pretend otherwise) about myself: I am much better at starting new things than finishing old ones. There are now dozens of blog entries that are half-written. As much as I can blame this on our recent crazy cross country move from GA to AZ, I know perfectly well that there are other factors as well...