Getting back in shape

I finally started to get some of my muscles back after two weeks into my bike commute. It feels really good with the wind in my ears when I am able to ride fast. Also the heat seems to be more tolerable, although I probably still need to wait a couple months before it really cools down.

BTW, I still don't buy the "dry heat is not so bad" crap. Dry or not, it is really HOT when the temperature is over 105-degree F. People saying this don't seem to realized that places with high humidity simply don't get this hot.

Anyway, I'm enjoying biking to work more or more. In the morning it's tougher because I have to spend sometime to cool down and dry myself after getting to my office. In the evening it is much more enjoyable because I can use this time to make the work-to-home transition and don't have to worry about being late. I'm going slow enough that I can have time to think about all kinds of things. I don't have to think about my work (well, at least not all the time) and don't have to worry about the three monkeys hanging on me either. Now if I can find a speech-to-text thing to mount on my handle bar, I probably can blog like crazy.
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