Old habits die hard

English works much better for this one; the direct translation of the equivalent phrase in Mandarin would be something like "Dogs can't change the habit of eating shXt".

Among all the "toys" that I own (and continue to buy more), books are certainly the most sizable (both in terms of weight and value). Ever since I have disposable income at 12, a good chuck of my play money went into buying books. As a consequence, they create a huge headache for me every time I move. Before our last move from Georgia to Arizona, I told myself that this can't go on forever and I made the resolution to do something about it (Book-Collector Anonymous?).

Sadly, old habits die hard (how surprising...). Even with the fact that that my books still fill my room in my parents' house in Tainan, a storage room in my in-laws' house in Hsin-Chu, and an embarrassing number of unopened boxes in our current house, I find myself started to buy more books again after a 2-month break.

I really don't know what to say.
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