The 2-year old masters of life

On my brother's blog, he describes his 2-year old son as a "master of life". The reason? "He always speaks of his mind and acts by his words", and thus, truthful.

Reading this got me to think, what about my kids? David, who is also 2 , certainly always does that; Vivian, who is 4 now, almost always; Alyssa, who is 6 now, certainly has a higher level of "sophistication". For example, when she wants something that she expects us to say no, she always manage to send her sister or brother to make the request. That way, she does not get rejected if we say no, or if it was a lucky day, she gets a free ride.

It really makes me wonder, what exactly was involved in the process of learning all these intricacies (or the loss of innocence if you will)? It is truly amazing that kids can learn complex social interactions at such an early age.
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