Being a proud dad

Alyssa had her first parent's conference at the new school today. I used to go to all these in her old school (while Ann takes care of the kids) and thought it might be interesting for Ann to go this time. It ended up to be a very good choice. The teachers couldn't say enough good things about Alyssa and the praises are basically off the chart. This made a quite a pleasant day for Ann, being the first time to hear someone talks about her kid like that and all. I'm really happy to hear her excited voice after the meeting.

I always know from my heart that all the sacrifices we made for the kids are totally worth it, but I guess it still feels great to see some solid evidences. What made me really happy is that Alyssa doesn't just do well in the academic stuffs (like I did) but she excel in every aspects of her school life and genuinely enjoying the process of learning new things and making friends all the time.
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