Anger and hatred

Several weeks have passed since my bike was stolen and I have finally gave up the hope of ever getting it back. Now I am really mad about the whole situation as the reality is kicking in. The amount of time, effort, and money involved in getting a replacement is way more than what I have expected.

One thing I learned is that the regular inflation index certainly does not apply to bikes. I was so shocked when I see the same model is selling for about 50% more than when I got the bike a few years ago. What's the deal with that? I mean, yes, the spec is somewhat better now, but the huge price spike certainly is in no way justified.

What's even worse is that the shopping process made me realize how much I missed my old bike. I thought shopping for a new bike will make me happy (just like all my previous experiences of getting big new toys). Unfortunately, I can't help but to think about my old bike when I stare at those shiny new bikes in the store. Before losing the bike, I thought I wasn't very attached to it. The way I think about this is to ask myself an hypothetical question: if someone offers me to trade a new one of the same make and model for one of my toys, will I take up the offer?

I thought about this question some time ago and my answers are:
fountain pens? no way!
motorcycle? maybe.
bicycle? sure! why not?

Sadly, I learned it the hard way that I am way more attached to my bike than I thought. And whenever I think about it, I have this outrageous anger and hatred toward the thief who stole my bike. The whole thing is really scary because I'd never have guessed that a quite insignificant event like having a bike stolen can get to me like this.
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