A brand new start

I finally got a new bike to replace my stolen Trek 7300. The replacement is an aptly named Fuji Newest 1.0.

Originally I was looking at a Newest 3.0 and contemplating about getting a Newest 2.0 (for the better frame). When we got to the shop this evening, I tried to explain to Ann what the differences are and thought I'd know what I want better after discussing with her. Much to my surprise, she said that there's no way I'm getting a 2.0! Instead, she insisted on buying a 1.0 for me.

I am not used to buying something that is the top of the line (I'm more of a getting-the-most-bang-for-the-buck guy). So while I was thrilled about what she said, I was a bit hesitate to accept the generous offer. However, after test riding the bike, I was completely hooked by the better shifters on the 1.0 (2.0 comes with Shimano Sora, which is difficult to use when you are tucked in. 1.0 comes with Shimano Tiagra, which is much easier to use).

So that's the story about getting my first road bike. With a wife like this, I really don't know what to say (secret note to myself: always bring Ann along for toy shopping).

The only person who was more excited than I do is David. Ann prepared some snacks for the kids after we got home from the shop. While Alyssa and Vivian enjoyed the feast, David refused all his favorite foods and just stood beside my new bike and smiled the whole time. It looks like the little guy has some potentials.
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